Foto Goedele Verreydt

Goedele Verreydt
+32 473 83 64 62
+32 3 443 05 32 (Niel)
  • Inventor and source of inspiration of the iFLUX technology
  • Our expert in terms of flux sampling of soil and groundwater contamination

I've already been engaged in soil and groundwater contamination professionally since 2004. I am fascinated by research and love challenges. I am a critical thinker and dare to ask questions. The development and valorization of the iFLUX technology therefore was a perfect match after my PhD. I believe strongly in the technology and the added value of flux data for a wide variety of applications in environmental management, policy and study. I will therefore give it my all to get flux monitoring implemented and accepted.

Foto Tim Op ’t Eyndt

Tim Op ’t Eyndt
+32 499 53 92 91
+32 3 443 05 31 (Niel)
  • Commercial manager
  • In charge of daily management

After 8 years of business development management in one of the most inspiring and dedicated research groups at VITO, I am ready to cross 'the valley of the death' from research to enterprise. I do not shy away from the challenge to execute a strong research idea into a successful company. The fact that we launch a tangible new product in a conservative market only makes the task more intriguing.

Foto Filip Meesters

Filip Meesters
+32 496 31 23 63
+32 3 443 05 33 (Niel)
  • Operational manager
  • In charge of the continual improvement of our technology

After an extra year of General Management at Vlerick Business School, I seized the opportunity to continue the work of my master's thesis in product development. The daily search for improvements of our products and its processes to realize projects fluently and securely is my biggest incentive for this work. I love to get my hands dirty and I am ready for every challenge.

Foto Erik Bosmans

Erik Bosmans
+32 471 90 41 12
+32 3 443 05 34 (Niel)
  • Project manager
  • Fully guides our customers towards a successful iFLUX project

As a trilingual bio-engineer specialized in land-use planning, I was soon able to satiate an early developed passion for everything related to the environment, soil & groundwater, geography, the Earth and, by extension, the universe. With almost 15 years of experience in the realization and implementation of remediation projects, I am ready to apply my experience to support and develop with my dear colleagues, the advanced iFLUX technology which allows innovative flux measurements of groundwater and pollutants.

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