Meet Joris, our Electronics Engineer

Someone has to set the ball rolling. So who better than our newest electronics engineer! Joris is working on the digital sensor. Making the data remotely accessible, while ensuring continuous real-time measurements is what keeps him going. Welcome Joris!

Fun fact: The trill of electronics isn’t enough, so he recently had his first paragliding experience!


Meet Carolien, our Marketing and Sales

Next up, Carolien, with a background in economics, joined iFLUX for Marketing and Sales. She’s taking care of overall communication, to make sure you and the entire industry can find all relevant information on- and offline.

Hey, someone has to write these articles, right?

Fun fact: In scouting, Carolien’s spirit animal was ‘sharpminded Panda’.


Meet Stijn, our new Lab and Field Technician

When working together with iFLUX, Stijn will be preparing your cartridges. That's how we measure groundwater and contamination flows accurately. You might even pass him in the field when he installs the groundwater samplers.

Fun fact: Whenever he’s not in the lab, he’s probably experimenting  in the kitchen.


Meet Steve, our Business Development Manager

Last, but certainly not least, meet Steve. He's been traveling the world to meet people in the groundwater industry. If you haven't met him yet, he'll be eager to change this! He comes with a lot of experience in large remediation projects. That's why he puts great emphasis on understanding the groundwater market and soil contamination projects. This makes him the ideal Business Development Manager at iFLUX.

Fun fact: Steve has been all over the world. Besides English, Dutch and French, he can even understand a bit of Swedish. ‘Välkommen, Steve!