Reactive mats  in GHENT:

Once the Silt has been removed, special mats based on organo clay are placed on the bottom of the Lieve in order to tackle the naturally flowing residual contamination.Tauw is developing the mats and Envisan will place the mats.


Plants and micro-organisms in ZEEBRUGGE: 

Bio2clean will tackle this contamination with phytoremediation. This technique uses plants and micro-organisms to remove pollutants from the soil, water or sediment.


Bacteria against creosotes in 'S GRAVENMOER: 

Biostimulation is used. A technique in which micro organisms in the soil accelerate the biological degradation of contamination.


To properly measure the effect of these Nature based Solutions (NbS), simply measuring contamination concentrations wouldn’t be sufficient. It would only provide limited information about the spreading of the contamination, based on assumptions.

Our solution

To have a better understanding of the contamination spreading they decided to use flux measurements to have more reliable data that enables them in objectively measuring the risk of soil contamination and spreading.

iFLUX will examine the groundwater pollution in 3 phases with flux measurements on all three RESANAT subsites. The environmental experts use this technique to measure both the flow velocity of the groundwater and the rate of spreading of the pollution.